Matches in the Gas Tank, A Memoir by Carla Powers

Carla Powers was Daddy's princess back in Arkansas in the late 1950s. Then Daddy got religion.

That religion, based in the teachings and deprivation of narrow-minded, punitive ministers, tormented her dangerous alcoholic father and her entire family. Growing up, Carla never knew a woman could do anything more...

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Off the Grid

For the first time in three decades, I'm officially unemployed.  I've spent the past two weeks out in the country adapting to my new life.  It's been a unique experience to wake up whenever my eyes open and do whatever I choose during the day.

I arrived too mentally exhausted to speak or think.  I had trouble stringing...

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All Doors Are Open

Recently I hit the down button of a parking garage elevator.  A few seconds later all five elevators appeared and the doors on each opened.  No one was on any of them.  I felt an ever-so-slight wave of fear.  So many choices!  Maybe there was a glitch in the system and it was unsafe to get on any of them.  Maybe...

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IN PRINT: Beyond the Bubble

Originally printed
in the Oct/Nov issue of absolutely! IN THE LOOP 

I have a Michigan-born friend who thought...

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